“ WHAT IS FRIENDLY ARCHITECTURE ? “ by Billy Lee – July 2021

I have been doing informal research on Friendship & Friendshipology for quite a few years now.  At the same time I tried to arouse interest among my friends and people who frequently connect with me in different situations. I thought long ago that I must challenge my professional colleagues to think more about Friendship & Friendshipology as we design buildings and spaces that effect people’s daily lives. I came up with the idea on asking ourselves, “ What is Friendly Architecture, and Can Architecture Induce Compassion ? “.

From my research so far, I can show many samples on Friendly Architecture, butI have not yet found any sample of Inspiring Architecture that can for certain induce Compassionate Actions. Induce Compassionate Feelings maybe. I thought of Germany’s Cologne Cathedral’s feeling of exaggerated verticality with pointed gothic arches and the colorful stain-glass window atop the sanctuary. I thought of  Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul. I thought of  the Zen Garden in Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, Japan. – as well as Lou Khan’s Salk Institute’ outdoor plaza in La Jolla, California

With my professional colleagues, we mostly focus on the “HOWs” as “How to Design Friendly Architecture” after first identifying  “ What is Friendly Architecture”.  In whatever we do in life, the “HOWs” are what ultimately determine the Resultant Impacts.

For this essay, may I ask you to join me in analyzing just two photos below :

May we first agree that these photos show  “What Seems To Be Friendly Architecture ? I think what makes them look friendly is first their CALMNESS – Peaceful , Non-stressful. Then I think it’s their OPENNESS.  They seem to Welcome and Embrace You. They are CLEAR, easy to understand and to build trust together.  They seem to be DIGNIFIED yet INTERESTING.  It stirs our own Imaginations. They are GRACEFUL. You feel Comfortable entering into their space.

I leave the real challenge on the “HOW” to you – especially on HOW TO MAKE FRIENDS and promote FRIENDSHIP & FRIENDSHIPOLOGY .  Cheers with Best Wishes !