by Billy Lee – Feb. 2024

 So many surprises happened one after another last month.

First a letter from Spokane, Washington by a fellow who signed his name Xiong Yu.

Dear Lee Lao, Miss old days. Still remember your visit in Shanghai almost 30 years ago? The guest on the right doing fine? Wish everyone well in 2024 !   

Xiong Yu, Billy, & Yuan Li – 1994 Shangha


A second letter from a young lady from Toronto, Canada.

My name is Christine. My grandfather Alex Yu passed away in Vancouver in March 2022. My family and I (we live in Toronto) are still in the process of going through his things and one of things we came across is the attached letter accompanied by the Li (Lee) family tree carefully tucked into a folder in his desk. I googled the name on the letterhead and found your website. Not sure if you are the same William Ming Sing Lee with family roots from Ningbo? If you are, that is incredibly exciting as I have always wanted to learn more about my family’s history. And if not, I would just like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your website and the wisdom you are trying to impart

Sincerely,  c. 

Below Attached: The letter found in Christine’s grandfather’s desk.


A third letter came from Christine Ho, daughter of my FF Brother Larry Ho:

Hi Uncle Billy

,I recently digitized my family’s old slides. Here are a couple with you in them. Do you recognize these handsome young men?! I would love to see you again. In fact, I am coming out to the SF area on February 11th and staying with Adrian for a couple of days before heading up to Marin County to hang out with my daughter’s family. On the 11th we will surely be watching the Super Bowl, but are you open on Monday the 12th? If you are, Pete and I could visit. We could easily pick up some restaurant take-out and bring it to your house for lunch or dinner. Or we could bring over tea/coffee and some snacks. Whatever is easiest for you. It would be great to see Prescott if he is available but it sounds like it’s far for Gary to come. The last time I saw Pres and Gary, it was 1984 and they were helping me load my boxes into my car so I could move from your house to my first away-from-home apartment in Mountain View!

FF Bros. Left to Right: Frank Tung, Wm. Wu, Larry Ho ( Christine’s Dad),                                Bob Lee, and Billy Lee – FF Boston Lodge 1954 ?


Xiong Yu was in fact the young college grad I met on the train from Shanghai to Ningbo 30 some years ago. He was indeed super kind in helping me carry my luggage off the train.

Christine Yu found the right William Ming Sing Lee. We are indeed related. Her grandfather’s mother was a Lee. I immediately replied to her and warmly embraced her as my new grandniece. I sent her a photo of me and my wife, and she sent me back one of her with her brother and sister.

Christine Ho is herself a grandmother now. She, her husband Peter, brother Adrian, gathered at our home Monday for lunch, with Lucille and me and our two sons Prescott and Gary. The younger generation members are only a year apart from one another. We treasure our generational connection.

Left to Right: Gary, Lucille, Peter, Christine, Billy, and Prescott                                     Photo by  Adrain Ho – Feb. 12, 2024



Billy wrote to Dr. Rick Hanson <drrh@rickhanson.net> Feb. 1, 2024

Dear Rick – Dr. Hanson,

I hope you and Forrest will talk about the following question one day. This actually is about a recent discovery about my own behavior.

We were having problems with rats & mice in our house. With help from a hired exterminator we shut off all possible entries for rats to enter into the house then set up traps to catch those within. Yes, it was very successful. We caught four – all slaughtered bloody and mercilessly. No more rats in our house !

Then we also had ants invading our kitchen counter. I swiped them up with a sponge and washed them down the drain. More appeared non stop, I smashed them with my bare fingers. After a cousin installed a trap that first attracted the ants then sent them back with poison to infect the whole colony. Very Successful indeed. All clear now. What satisfaction !

I feel guilty however. I wonder about my own claim for having Compassion. It seems that it was with Brute Power that I Got Rid of These Deplorables. My only rationale was they invaded my property line – which they did not know existed.

I need some Breathing Exercises to calm me down. It does not seem possible.

Cheers !