Kindness Without Condescension

Billy inspired by Charlotte Hiltons Andersen’s “ 60 Acts of Kindness for Kids to do to Make The World A Better Place “ –  August, 2022

For Family:

Send a get-well card.

Text a funny meme.

Give a well-deserved compliment.

Do a chore for a dear sibling.

FaceTime a grandparent.

Give a hug to Mom, Dad, or a Cousin.

Read a book to a sibling.

Offer to be “Mother’s helper”.

Offer to walk the family Dog .

Organize the plastic containers.

Help prepare dinner, set the table, or wash the dishes.

Share a picture to express gratitude for something beautiful.

For Friends:

Write to a pen pal.

Make a friendship bracelet.

Leave five kind comments on social media.

Make a friend laugh.

Share toys and books.

Pick a dandelion for a friend.

Help with homework.

Pay for a friend when appropriate.

Give a friend a high five.

Write a friendship poem.

Help a friend with a project.

For a Neighbor:

Make cookies for a neighbor

Help bring neighbor’s newspapers or package up to their porch

Help shovel the sidewalk, or rake leaves

Take dinner to an elderly neighbor

Be polite, respectful, and cheerful with a happy smile.

For Teacher and Classmates:

Help pick up trash, stack chairs, put away supplies or whatever the teacher needs.

Eat lunch with someone who seems lonely.

Invite others to play together.

Donate extra sports-equipment to school as others may need them.

Tell someone they did a great job.

Talk to the new kid.

Volunteer to help hand out assignments. Save the teacher some work and time.

For the Community:

Help decorate lunch bags for community kitchens.

Put grocery carts back from parking lots.

Donate old books to local library, community center, church, or school.

Make cards or drawing for a retirement home.

Give thank-you cards to service workers who help you on a regular basis.

Make special kits for homeless people.

Donate toys to a children’s hospital.

Write letters to soldiers who serve our country selflessly.

For the World ( added by Billy ):

Be friend people with different cultures and backgrounds,

Promote and cultivate GOODNESS in each of us.

For Our Planet:

Ride a bike instead of driving.

Plant wildflowers.

Conserve water and energy use. ( added by Billy )

Pick up litter at a local park.  Pick up litter and put in trash bin whenever possible.

Collect recycling and take it to a drop-off center.

Learn more from each other about our eco system. ( added by Billy )


Words For Saying Sorry

Billy selected from Berlitz –  August 2022

I’m sorry.   I am truly sorry. I apologize.

Excuse me.  My mistake.

Ooops/Whoops, I really didn’t mean it.

Can you forgive me?

Can you pardon me?

I truly regret that it didn’t turn out right.

It’s my fault. I truly want to retract, and make amends.

My deepest apologies !

That was thoughtless of me. That was wrong of me.

I am sorry. That was my fault.

I am sorry for the way I behaved.

I had good intent, but I didn’t realize that it could hurt. I apologize.

Sorry, I didn’t hear you. I didn’t mean to ignore you.

Sorry, I really didn’t mean to offend or to hurt you.

Sorry, I won’t do it again. I wish I hadn’t done that.

How can I make it up to you ?


Eight Keys To Forgiveness –

  1. Know what forgiveness is and why it matters. Forgiveness is about goodness and extending mercy. Forgiveness can heal us and allow us to move on.
  2.  Become “forgivingly fit” – make it your second nature
  3.  Address your Inner Pain then forgive accordingly.
  4.  Develop a forgiving mind through empathy. Understand what      caused the other person to do what he or she did.
  5.  Find meaning in your pain. Get new inspirations to do good.
  6.  When forgiveness is hard, call upon others strength.
  7.  Forgive yourself. Seek forgiveness from others for your errors.
  8.  Develop a forgiving heart.

Words to Congratulate

Billy Selected From <> August, 2022

  • Congratulations! We’re so very proud of you!
  • Your hard work and perseverance have paid off. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations on your well-deserved success! You’re an inspiration!
  • Warmest congratulations on your achievement! Wishing you even more success in the future.

“You’ve worked so hard for this. Congrats!”

“This is awesome! You’re awesome! Way to go!”

“Congratulations to the new home owner! With your touch, it’s going to look amazing!”

“I want to be the first to congratulate you on your promotion,”

“Cheers on the new job. You deserve it.”

“Congratulations! I am happy for you.

You should be really happy and proud of your success.

Congratulations on getting promoted! You are such an inspiration, and I’m so proud of what you’ve accomplished


Words in Sympathy

Billy selected from August, 2022

I know there are no words that can ease your pain

Thinking of you during this difficult time

Get well soon!  You can do it !

We love you and we’re here for you.

Don’t panic – “putting additional negativity into chaos”. Staying calm will help you stay focused on future success.

So Sorry about your Loss. How can I help ?


Words to Encourage

Billy Selected From <> August, 2022

You are a Good Friend.

You are close in My Thoughts.

You are Special.

You are strong.

You are kind and generous.

You are Courageous.

You are a Fighter.

You are Amazing.

You make the difference.

You are Braver than you believe.

             Stronger than you seem,

             Smarter than you think, and

             Loved more than you know.

Remember the moments of our shared laughter.

Let it Go.
Ignore Them.
Don’t Compare.
Stay Calm
Give it Time

Believe in Yourself
Stay Strong
Never Give Up
Be Grateful
Work Hard
Stay Humble
Be Kind
Keep Smiling



By Billy Lee August, 2022

知心     知音

Know one’s Heart,  one’s Music

有信     有情

Have Trust,  then Affection

真友     真亲

True Friendship, Special Intimacy

越近     越引

Closer,  Gets Still Closer


Friendship Can Not Exist Without Trust

My dear nephew-in-law, Michael Sterling , surprised me with a gift last week . He had a shirt made at BONFIRE after he read my article about BE NICE ME posted on . I proudly wore it and shared a photo of myself in that shirt with many friends – especially my Andover prep school classmates since Norman Allenby ( PA ’51 ) was the one who told me that years ago a five year old friend of his son, uttered these three words upon arrival for a play-date.

I thanked my classmates for having been NICE to ME !

Mike came for dinner yesterday, and we continued our conversation about FRIENDSHIPOLOGY. He emphasized that Friendship can not exist without Trust 信. I agree with him heartily, since my parents named me 李名信 Lee Ming Sing  (Lee is our Family name; middle name Ming means To Remember; third word Sing or Xing means Trust.)  It has been etched in my mind that I must always be trustworthy.

Indeed, I have constantly been reminded that my Great-Great Grandfather李也亭 Li Ye Ting is considered a historical figure in Shanghai and XiaoGang, Ningbo, my ancestral home. He was known for his business acumen but most importantly for his Accountability, Reliability, Good Intentions, and Total Trustworthiness.

However, Be Nice and Be Trustworthy are reasonably straight forward.  To Induce Deep Friendship sometimes requires Empathy and Forgiveness.

I remember a situation a few years ago.  A few friends and I made an agreement with another acquaintance to promote a Good Cause. There were mutual financial commitments. Abruptly, this acquaintance could not and did not deliver as he promised. My friends mostly thought that we were cheated.  Legal actions were suggested. I was torn and upset, but fortunately decided to give the acquaintance a pass. I did not think that he intentionally deceived us and the Good Cause Project he led must be appreciated and not be smeared.  I had lost a bit financially, but gained a good friend who has recovered and is still promoting his Good Cause Project.