Billy wrote to Dr. Rick Hanson <> Feb. 1, 2024

Dear Rick – Dr. Hanson,

I hope you and Forrest will talk about the following question one day. This actually is about a recent discovery about my own behavior.

We were having problems with rats & mice in our house. With help from a hired exterminator we shut off all possible entries for rats to enter into the house then set up traps to catch those within. Yes, it was very successful. We caught four – all slaughtered bloody and mercilessly. No more rats in our house !

Then we also had ants invading our kitchen counter. I swiped them up with a sponge and washed them down the drain. More appeared non stop, I smashed them with my bare fingers. After a cousin installed a trap that first attracted the ants then sent them back with poison to infect the whole colony. Very Successful indeed. All clear now. What satisfaction !

I feel guilty however. I wonder about my own claim for having Compassion. It seems that it was with Brute Power that I Got Rid of These Deplorables. My only rationale was they invaded my property line – which they did not know existed.

I need some Breathing Exercises to calm me down. It does not seem possible.

Cheers !