“WHAT A WONDERFUL WEEK !” by Billy Lee June 2021 – Many Things To Be Grateful For!

1    A Happy Birthday Greeting from my Dearest Cousin, Ah Millie, from Switzerland :

  ” With so much love, and untold amount of fondness..xxxxxxxxsqueese ”  

2    James Luce and Amalia Pellegrini discovered the term “Friendshipology Friends

“友学 学友

We are all potential Friendshipology Friends !

3    Cousin Robert, Yu Zhenguang, son of Li Yun-Shan in Li’s Family K2 Branch -from Shanghai – 坤二房  – 俞真光 – volunteered to be one of our Li/Lee Family Connectors

4    An Amazing Discovery while addressing my Andover Classmates at our 70 th Reunion ( a Zoomed webinar ) .

After I suggested that we as grandparents should really leave at least two IMPORTANT
WORDS to our children and grandchildren like PEACE & TOLERANCE, I thanked
them all, and sent my deep LOVE & RESPECT . The LOVE I felt in me led to a RARE DISCOVERY: The more I felt I was giving, the more I felt replenished inside me.