“SHARING IDEAS ON FRIENDSHIPOLOGY” Bill Shilstone and Billy Lee – November 2020

Tennis Buddies: Shilstone ( back row center) – Lee ( front center) We hit balls back and forth a lot.

Billy to his tennis Buddies on Nov. 9th:

I need friends to help promote FRIENDSHIPOLOGY.

See special edition of Youth Uniting Nations attached. Few friends around the world are already helping.

But I really need good articles by friends like you.

Please consider writing something meaningful

for this website: <https://friendshipology.net>

Bill Shilstone responded on Nov. 10th :

I recommend that you suggest a few possible topics

Here are some ideas for starters:

  • What did your mother or father teach you about friendships?
  • Who is your best friend, and why?
  • When did you stand up for a friend?
  • Think of a friend of yours. When did you realize he/she was a friend?
  • What is important to you in a friendship?

Shilstone sent Billy another note on Nov. 11th:

Here’s a Veterans Day Thought for Billy’s World

Some of my best and longest-lasting friendships were formed during my 3.5 years in the U.S. Navy. Training in the U.S. and deployment in the Western Pacific brought me into contact with people of all shapes, sizes, colors and behaviors. A young person could not have a better education – and get paid for it.

I’m not advocating reinstatement of the military draft, but I agree with those who think some kind of mandatory public service (say 18 months abroad, in the inner city or on Native American reservations), would pay dividends in promoting human understanding.

Call it a Friendship Draft, and let Billy Lee be the first to go!

–Bill Shilstone