‘FRIENDSHIP REFLECTIONS’ by Alana Lee – April 2021

ALANA ( Billy’s No. One Grand Child ) with parents

What I find so lovely about friendships are how unique yet equally strong each one is. There are three friendships that particularly stand out to me right now, each that have begun at different points in time, but are all among the most special relationships in my life.

Friendships are beautiful in the way they live for so long. The first true friend I’ve ever had is Sequoia, whom I met in preschool, where we’d spend our play time acting as characters in another world. Even though we split off to different schools, we stayed close though playdates and winter and summer vacations with our families. As we got older, we were able to communicate through our phones and make more plans to hang out. Even when we haven’t seen each other for a few months, our level of closeness comes back as though no time has passed since the last occasion. Our most recent excursions have been walking through town together and going to the beach, and we still text almost every day. Sequoia is the friend I get to be silly and adventurous with, but also provide for each other the strongest of support. 

Friendships are beautiful in the way they change over time. Another close friend of mine is Rosy, whom I met in middle school, where we were both part of a small friend group that would eat lunch together and hang out after school. I wasn’t particularly good friends with her at first, but we gradually realized that we had similarities in our interests and overall attitudes towards school, people, and life in general. We spent more time as just the two of us in freshman year of high school, and continue to make plans to see each other this year. Rosy and I often go on bike rides or do other forms of exercise, having refreshing and fun conversations. When we text each other, our messages are long and meaningful, expressing care and prompting a true reflection on how we are currently doing.

Friendships are beautiful in the way they emerge unexpectedly. I met my good friend Hanna a few years ago at a Berkeley running club. We went to different middle schools at the time, but would see each other at workouts and talk occasionally. We got to know each other better in freshman year on the cross country team, and became close friends quite quickly. I learned that we have similar personalities, which helps us understand each other’s challenges and goals. For instance, as both reserved people, we talk about how we hope to become better at speaking up in group settings and work together on becoming more outgoing. Hanna and I love to have deep conversations for hours over picnics, take long bike rides, check out new stores in town, as well as encourage each other in school and on the running team.

My friendships are what excite me for school, exercise, and adventure. Every friendship, no matter how close, is such a motivation for me: to be there for someone and to make memorable experiences with, to learn from and to deepen.


BILLY’s COMMENTS : Alana is my No. One grandchild. She is now a blossoming teenager. I love her calmness and thoughtfulness gaining steadily more self-confidence and socialabilty. For sure, she is a most reliable young friend of mine. I thank her for writing this essay for my FRIENDSHIPOLOGY website.