Billy Lee – May 2023

An article by Greater Good Science Ct. today asked us to retrace a

Most Meaningful Experience in Life.  Somehow, I started thinking

about an Amazing Magic Moment which occurred almost twenty

years ago.

In was Spring 2004, I had arranged for a group of 8th grade students

from Hillsdale Middle School in Menlo Park, Ca. to visit and paint a

mural together with a selected group of Chinese students at (CNCC)

China’s National Children’sCenter in Beijing.

Everything was properly arranged that Saturday morning.  I arrived

at CNCC early, and together with the Host Coordinators, 15 Chinese

students, their Parents, Friends, and Neighbors, we waited anxiously

for the arrival of our Special American Guests. Ms. Chen Ying (CNCC

Coordinator) asked her 15 students to line up side by side in a row with

her in front, Parents immediately behind them, and guests and friends

at the rear.

Nine o’clock sharp, the American contingent arrived – all smiling as

the weather was perfect – even the sun was out, and the sky was

reasonably clear. They saw the Chinese formation and instinctively

had their students line up in a row opposite the Chinese children and

with their parents and teachers right behind.

Ms. Chen Ying was in her late 40’s but she appeared much younger.

In a most cheerful manner, she spoke loudly to welcome the Americans.

Welcome our dear American Friends !  This is going to be a Beautiful

Collaboration. We are going to paint a Mural together in this China’s

National Children’s Park.  I am going to match you children the American

Way – one to one on a Blind Date. Ha !   May I just ask you students to

close your eyes and walk straight with your hands stretched out towards

the opposite side. When your hands meet, you have found your partners

for this weekend. You can then open your eyes and introduce yourselves.

Okay ?”

The children did exactly what she directed. The Chinese students’ faces

looked mostly bewildered – few a bit shy and hesitant. The Americans

brave with joy – few boys seemed to have funny jokes inmind. As the

children walked step by step towards each other, I noticed a MIRACULOUS

MOMENT indeed expressed in the Parents’ faces – the Chinese Parents’

as well as the American Parents’. Some held thoughtful smiles, some

pressed their lips intensely, and few had tears flowing down from their

eyes.  This happened on both sides.  I indeed witnessed a MAGIC MOMENT

confirming that truly WE All HAVE AN INNATE WISH TO CONNECT AND