Since the birth of this Friendshipology website https://friendshipology.net – September 2019 – I have collected about 130 essays – few written by myself, and mostly by my very supportive friends. The collection shines light on various aspects about Friendship, but indeed it has further deepened the love and bonding between me and my wonderful friends. Moreover, the deeper understanding about my friends’ thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and aspirations, has encouraged me to introduce many of them to each other – hoping to expand this “Good Supportive Feeling” generally, and perhaps inspire some of them to consider possible cooperation or collaborations on their worthy endeavors. Most enthusiastically, I decided to make  “CONNECTING FRIENDS TO FRIENDS” to be a major goal for this Friendshipology Initiative.


Here are three examples on what I did this past month:

  1. Letter to Allan in Shanghai and Hiro in Tokyo.

Dear Allan and Hiro,

You are my two very very dear and trusted younger friends !

Allan from Shanghai and Hiro from Tokyo, you really should know

each other as I believe that together you might collaborate on

projects that can truly promote Global Cross-cultural Bonding and


I shall leave it to you to introduce yourselves, as your credentials

are too long for me to list. Best to describe your aspirations and

see how you might be able to assist each other in the immediate or

long-term future.

BTW, I had earlier introduced Hiro to Ben who is a Fraternity 

Brother of both Allan and me. 

Cheer with warm affection always,


2. Letter to four Post Graduate Students from China.

Dear E, C, Y, and M,

You may be interested in the latest post by the President of CCIS in

<https://friendshipology.net> .

Please also note a short essay by my teen-age grand-daughter, Alana

–  two posts before the last one. It would be nice if you will write and  

give her more encouragement as she looks up to you guys as her


Thanks !


3. Letter to Mike and Li-Chun

Dear Mike and Li-Chun.

I am so glad to have introduced you to each other, as Mike was able to

edit and publish Li-chun’s  article, “Ping-Pong Diplomacy Led to Science

Exchanges” in the latest issue of US-China Review. I hope that recounting

in detail the history and the role of scientists played in normalizing

US- China relations (1965-1979 ) may help rebuild trust and goodwill.

Cheers always with warm regards,