TREES ARE OUR FRIENDS LIKE NO OTHER SPECIES                                                   

Two paragraphs Billy copied from Henry Shukman’s article,Tree of Wisdom”. 2022 Shukman, author of The Lost City, teaches at Mountain Cloud Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Trees are our natural environment. They are our friends like no other species.

Warmth in winter, shade in summer, said the poet Alexander Pope, of trees’ gifts

to humanity. Where people are, trees are. Many cities are filled with trees. Some

even look like woodland from the air. For thousands of generations, trees have

provided people with windbreaks, shade, shelter, fire, and one of the primary

fabrics of our dwellings.

Trees are our closest neighbors. There are dogs, cats, cows, and other

domestic animals with whom some of us live, and there are our cousins like

the chimpanzee with whom we don’t usually live. On the other hand, pretty

much all people live with trees.

Just a photo of Trees – no word –                                                                                                                         ‘HELLO’ from Old Friend, Betty Wei Liu – Oct. 2022