“My Sister Merle’s Thoughts On Friendship” by Billy Lee – December, 2020

Merle ( w/ glasses ) visited cousin Millie 2017

Hi Nee Goo Goo , ( No.2 Elder Brother in Shanghainese )

My education is built on sand . 
Scanty home schooling from mother and sit-by auditing with old Chinese masters  ( engaged to teach the boys )
Nobody paid me no mind !!!!
I was but a little girl . 

Attended 1 year at Shanghai American School then 3 1/2 years in Hongkong where I was supposed to have covered 12 years of education .
In college I slipped and slide .
Working more hours then studying . 
There was no formal structure , 
Years in America didn’t help , I write as I think … no grammar at all 
Besides I am not gifted with Tommy’s intellect and talents you and John share  . 
I wrote this below for you to read. Please do not share or print . 


Friendship is share, trust, comfort , an assisting hand, and seeking guidance all roll into one handshake, one hug, one smile or a tear . 
Friendship is cultivated, or extended to strangers is none the less irrelevant if not given with sincerity.
Friendship is never to hurt. 

Friendship is found in marriage 
Friendship is found within family 
Friendship is found within communities
Friendship is found across the oceans

Reaching out a hand or bow in search of a will to negotiate , to understand , to help or give help is reaching out for friendship .
If one understands one’s enemies there will be no enemies . Problems shared, problems can be solved . 
So who but everyone of us needs friendship .


Friendship is to share a laugh over joy, to soothe a mistake or at nothing at all. 
Friendship is to give , expecting no favors returned 
Friendship is trying to understand but not understanding yet respecting the differences held . 
Friendship is free to give but at times difficult to accept or let go the pride that gets in the way . 

Friendship is never to hurt but lay out the reality as one sees it, gently across the tab .

Friendship is without touching yet hearts held strong 

Let Friendship grow .
Let Friendship spread. 

Open your arms, reach far your hands and  search for 
Friendship with open minds


BILLY’s COMMENTS : Merle is just a year younger than I. She first asked me

not to share or print what she wrote for me privately.  I found her writing so

compassionate and full of wisdom. As a Little girl nobody minded, she actually learned much more by only sit-by auditing from the Old Chinese Masters than her supposedly smart brothers.

I wrote back to her and begged for special permission to have her writing included in this Friendshipology Collection. I am so glad that she consented.

Thank you, Dear Sister, Dearest MLK , ( Merle Lee Kwong ) !  Thank you !