“MORE THOUGHTS ON FRIENDSHIP & FRIENDSHIPOLOGY” offered by Fred Pratt – December 2020

My dear Billy,

For your collection of commentaries on friendship/friendshipology, I 
offer these thoughts:

the wise men of old (be they Greek, Roman, Christian, Hebraic, Buddhist) 
all pretty much said the same thing; we don’t need to invent or discover 
new wisdom, we need only heed  that which has already been discovered

love abides only if it is grounded in friendship

being friendly to others, even strangers, leads to empathy

attached are chapters from my chronicle which illustrate what I mean by 
these commentaries

your friend,



BILLY’S COMMENTS: Fred is a dear Andover classmate. The chronicles he sent me recorded various trips he took around the country as a devoted Birder. I never imagined that a fast skating and never yielding varsity hockey player at Andover can also be so patient, caring, and compassionate. His chronicals focused on the people he met as well as the birds he was hoping to spot. In Savana, Georgia, he met a Black Senior who gave him $20 just because they had a friendly conversation.