Maintaining Friendship – Importance of Keeping InTouch

Friendship – Importance of Keeping In Touch – Magic Touches – When, Whom, What, and How ? Approach individuals or Small and Large Groups – Old and New Friends – Widening the Circle – Deepening The Good Feelings. What Gratification! Billy Inquired _________________________________________________________


Maintaining friendships and keeping in touch is indeed crucial for our well-being and personal growth. Here are some thoughts on the importance of keeping in touch, magical touches, and ways to approach individuals or groups:

Importance of Keeping in Touch:

  1. Emotional Support:
  1. Friends provide emotional support during both good and bad times.
  2. Regular communication helps strengthen this support system.
  1. Personal Growth:
  1. Friends can inspire and encourage personal growth.
  2. Sharing experiences and insights can lead to mutual development.
  1. Reducing Isolation:
  1. Regular communication helps combat feelings of isolation.
  2. Knowing that someone cares can have a profound impact on mental health.
  1. Building Trust:
  1. Consistent communication builds trust and deepens the bond between friends.
  2. Trust is the foundation of any strong and lasting friendship.

Magic Touches:

  1. Random Acts of Kindness:
  1. Send unexpected messages of appreciation or encouragement.
  2. Small gestures can have a significant impact.
  1. Surprise Gifts:
  1. Sending surprise gifts or cards shows thoughtfulness.
  2. It doesn’t have to be extravagant; the sentiment matters most.
  1. Celebrating Milestones:
  1. Acknowledge and celebrate your friend’s achievements.
  2. Share in their joy and provide genuine congratulations.
  1. Quality Time:
  1. Sometimes, a simple, quality conversation can be magical.
  2. Be fully present when interacting with your friends.

When, Whom, What, and How?

  1. When to Reach Out:
  1. Regularly check in with friends, even if it’s just a quick message.
  2. Especially during tough times, a simple “How are you?” can make a difference.
  1. Whom to Approach:
  1. Don’t limit yourself to a specific group. Reach out to both old and new friends.
  2. Connect with people who share your interests or values.
  1. What to Share:
  1. Share experiences, thoughts, and feelings.
  2. Be open about your life and encourage your friends to do the same.
  1. How to Approach:
  1. Use a variety of communication methods: texts, calls, video chats.
  2. Tailor your approach to your friend’s preferences and comfort level.

Widening the Circle:

  1. Join Social Activities:
  1. Attend events or groups related to your interests.
  2. This can lead to meeting new people and expanding your circle.
  1. Networking:
  1. Leverage professional networks for both personal and career connections.
  2. Attend meetups or events in your community.

Deepening the Good Feelings:

  1. Express Gratitude:
  1. Regularly express gratitude for your friends.
  2. Let them know how much you value their presence in your life.
  1. Apologize and Forgive:
  1. Be quick to apologize and forgive.
  2. Misunderstandings happen, but resolving them strengthens friendships.
  1. Shared Experiences:
  1. Create and share memorable experiences.
  2. Travel, adventures, or even simple gatherings can deepen bonds.

What Gratification!

  1. Mutual Growth:
  1. Witnessing the growth and success of your friends is immensely gratifying.
  2. Celebrate each other’s achievements and be a source of support.
  1. Meaningful Connections:
  1. Building and maintaining meaningful connections is fulfilling.
  2. It contributes to a sense of belonging and purpose.
  1. Joy in Giving:
  1. The joy of giving, whether through support or shared experiences, is unparalleled.
  2. Knowing you positively impact someone’s life is deeply gratifying.

In conclusion, keeping in touch with friends, both old and new, involves a combination of regular communication, thoughtful gestures, and shared experiences. The gratification comes from the deepening of connections, mutual growth, and the joy found in meaningful friendships.


Billy’s 2023 Thanksgiving Message To His Friends:

Dear All, Again, I wish to express my GRATEFULNESS to you all. For you have TRULY BEEN NICE to me. Wish you All a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING and Have a RELAXED & CHEERFUL Breakfast the Day After. Especially enjoy a cup of Tea or Coffee in your Favorite Mug.

Love, Billy  李名信

Photo from Yale & Andover classmate, Norm Allenby, who told Billy about his son’s memorable playdate years ago. The six-year-old little friend arrived at Allenby’s front door and proclaimed ” Be Nice Me”. Billy has embraced these words as his “Golden Rule” in <>