Billy noticed a mountain with three peaks in Yosemite National Park last week. It reminded him instantly of his friendship with two friends. He emailed this photo below to Stephen and James with a note: “ Think of you. I just discovered THREE COMICS IN YOSEMITE. See photo.”

Stephen immediately checked various sources and discovered that it is actually a well known Yosemite destination called THE THREE BROTHERS. By one source, the background story was: “ Three native American brothers were frozen into stone by the Spirits for wandering into an unforbidden area”.

James commented: Wonderful photo of the “Monument to the Three Virtues. . . COMPASSION, EMPATHY, and FRIENDSHIP.” ( The topic the Three Friends – Stephen, James, and Billy – have recently been discussing.)

Billy acclaimed: “ You Got It, James !   Indeed, this is exactly how beautiful Yosemite National Park affected most of us who have visited there. I was overwhelmed by the magic of the sprouting and unstopping waterfalls with vapor spreading mysteriously, the gigantic and unshakable granite walls which seems to grow stronger and sturdier the longer I stare at them, the tall pines shooting perfectly straight towards the sky seems to gather in number as I try to count them, the placid water surfaces sometimes blue in color, sometimes green, sometimes black, can turn white as it becomes a roaring river pulled by gravity – hitting and diverting different obstructions along its way. It’s so magical.

But the important effect is not just Awe or a sense of Peace due to its Natural Beauty, however. The visitors interaction and goodwill spirit seems to grow in such surroundings.

Since 1890. Yosemite National Park has attracted millions of people from around the world to connect there and feel the common innate Goodness in Each and All of Us. This seems to promote Compassion.

Many of us, strangers, reach out to each other and have delightful conversations to discuss Beauty of Nature and learn more about each other’s personal experiences and different cultural backgrounds. Separate travelers often give each other a hand as needed – generously and caringly. We shared stories about struggles and accomplishments which can be both helpful and entertaining. This seems to promote Empathy.  

The planned trip and shared unique experience – physically demanding or moderate – definitely deepened the bonding among all of us. It’s Friendship and Feeling of Connectedness in the pursuit of Beauty, Joy, Meaning in Life together.


Let’s try to have the National Park Service change the name to “ Monument of The Three Virtues: Compassion, Empathy, and Friendship.”