Kindness Without Condescension

Billy inspired by Charlotte Hiltons Andersen’s “ 60 Acts of Kindness for Kids to do to Make The World A Better Place “ –  August, 2022

For Family:

Send a get-well card.

Text a funny meme.

Give a well-deserved compliment.

Do a chore for a dear sibling.

FaceTime a grandparent.

Give a hug to Mom, Dad, or a Cousin.

Read a book to a sibling.

Offer to be “Mother’s helper”.

Offer to walk the family Dog .

Organize the plastic containers.

Help prepare dinner, set the table, or wash the dishes.

Share a picture to express gratitude for something beautiful.

For Friends:

Write to a pen pal.

Make a friendship bracelet.

Leave five kind comments on social media.

Make a friend laugh.

Share toys and books.

Pick a dandelion for a friend.

Help with homework.

Pay for a friend when appropriate.

Give a friend a high five.

Write a friendship poem.

Help a friend with a project.

For a Neighbor:

Make cookies for a neighbor

Help bring neighbor’s newspapers or package up to their porch

Help shovel the sidewalk, or rake leaves

Take dinner to an elderly neighbor

Be polite, respectful, and cheerful with a happy smile.

For Teacher and Classmates:

Help pick up trash, stack chairs, put away supplies or whatever the teacher needs.

Eat lunch with someone who seems lonely.

Invite others to play together.

Donate extra sports-equipment to school as others may need them.

Tell someone they did a great job.

Talk to the new kid.

Volunteer to help hand out assignments. Save the teacher some work and time.

For the Community:

Help decorate lunch bags for community kitchens.

Put grocery carts back from parking lots.

Donate old books to local library, community center, church, or school.

Make cards or drawing for a retirement home.

Give thank-you cards to service workers who help you on a regular basis.

Make special kits for homeless people.

Donate toys to a children’s hospital.

Write letters to soldiers who serve our country selflessly.

For the World ( added by Billy ):

Be friend people with different cultures and backgrounds,

Promote and cultivate GOODNESS in each of us.

For Our Planet:

Ride a bike instead of driving.

Plant wildflowers.

Conserve water and energy use. ( added by Billy )

Pick up litter at a local park.  Pick up litter and put in trash bin whenever possible.

Collect recycling and take it to a drop-off center.

Learn more from each other about our eco system. ( added by Billy )