“WATER and STONE….a chanting friendship” by Amalia Pellegrini- Genoa, Italy – Dec. 2020

Dear Bill,

l wish to share with your friendshipology  the “friendship between WATER and STONE the essence of a FOUNTAIN.

I have depicted this Friendship as per my photographic art-language expressing the synthesis of elements in a new scenario. I call  my scenarios COMPLICITAS…since expressing the complicity among elements.

I  have  narrated the friendship between water and stone, in  a 30 images  visionary portrait of the fascinating Roman ” urban mermaids ”  where the element of LIFE – WATER – interplays  with  the  manmade  elements of  the  traditional, even  archeological   city  elements…Fountains created by  famous   XVI-XVII  century  architects  such as Gian Lorenzo BERNINI  and Michelangelo Buonarroti.

Last but not least …WATER, in a more and more arid world –  is  becoming  an  ever   more precious”commodity”….the blue gold !!!

My  tale AQUAE DIVINAE discloses the fresh chanting friendship tied in a fountain: Water ‘n Stone-marble

enjoy! Amlia

PS: Attached six AQUAE DIVINAE 

Fontane Rome
Rome Fountain
Rome – Water
Temple -‘n – Water
Grabbing the Blue Gold


BILLY’S COMMENTS: Amalia and I have known each other for more than 10 years, but we have not yet met. She was introduced to me by Evertt Chen from Ningbo where Amalia had her special art exhibit. She is an inspiring person thru her art and her love in Global Friendship. Thank you, Dear Amalia, for your compassionate sharing.

Amalia – Lijain, China
Amalia with Friend
Amalia – in Taoist Temple