From James Luce to Billy copied to Stephen Lee– June 9, 2024  
Billy. Washington Post sent this to me – Article by Senior Editor Laura McGann:
Friendships are crucial to living our best lives. We can reach each other in more ways than ever in the digital era. So why has American friendship fallen off a cliff? In 1990, only 1 percent of Americans told Gallup they had zero friends. By 2024, that figure surged to 17 percent, according to a poll by the Survey Center on American Life. This week, journalist Anna Goldfarb makes the case that all is not lost: This can still be the golden age of friendship. The first step: We must tell each other how we feel.  In researching her new book, “Modern Friendship: How to Nurture Our Most Valued Connections,” Goldfarb concluded that friendships lack the language we use in romantic or familial relationships. As our free time dwindles in modern life, we need to establish that someone is important in our lives. We need to be vulnerable and tell them.  We’d also like to hear from you. How do you keep your friendships active? Please share your strategies with us.  
Billy’s Reply to James copied to Stephen Lee – June 15, 2024

Dear James and Stephen.

I just need to tell you that you are important in my life . I thank You !



James’s Response to Billy- June 15, 2024

Hello Billy, You already have successfully communicated this message many times over many years. Of course, it’s a message that bears repeating.

Hugs, James