By Billy Lee – Dec. 30, 2022

Yesterday, Lucille and I were invited to a lunch party in Cupertino, California. As both of us were no longer able to drive, Harry who invited us, personally came to pick us up, took us to Alexander Steak House, then delivered us home afterward. At age near 90, he was in good physical shape, but his kind transportation offer meant miles of driving and more than two hours from his extremely valuable time. To me, that was a special expression of mutual fondness and caring friendship.

Indeed, dear relatives and old friends, are precious – especially when they make extra efforts to visit one another. Old friends, Larry and Sophia, from Lexington, Mass.– both near 90s – traveled West to spend a few days with their son and grandchildren for Christmas. They carved out a special time to gather with us last week. The gathering was possible only due to their special efforts.  So, Thank you, Larry & Sophia.

CF and Florence are our generational family friends. CF is already 96 and needs a walker to move slowly. They were here from Washington DC to visit their younger family members. They knew that Lucille and I no longer drive and will find it difficult to join any gathering outside our home. The whole Kwok Family of ten came to our home for dinner. They brought food, service, lot’s laughs, and good spirit – deepening our Generational Family Friendship.

I discovered that I did a good thing yesterday. At that lunch gathering at Alexander Streak House, fourteen people were seated around a long rectangular banquet table. The elder members sat around one end and a younger group the other end. I observed that the young generation was actually quite interested in the elders’ conversations. So before dessert was served, I moved myself to sit with them on the other end. Some Special Bonding seemed to have been initiated.