Billy learns from the side.

No cheating. Win or lose enjoy the togetherness and the Tics & Tacs.

Billy has two SPECIAL FRIENDS, James and Stephen, who seem to enjoy challenging each other intellectually via emails. See their latest correspondence below.


Hello Stephen,

We have no way to know whether the human brain has risen above nature.  Porpoises may be more intelligent…they just do not have opposable thumbs with which to build weapons.  There may be thousands of more intelligent species somewhere off Earth.  It may be that our brains are not above nature at all…rather they may be a cancer on nature. 

Function does not, in my view, require purpose…only output. 

I just enjoy the meanderings of my brain and the compatible meanderings of those whom I count as friends. That’s plenty enough for me.  

Your friend, James



You have exposed me to many ideas and knowledge and brought me along on my personal quest.

Two minds crossing paths in 1990s and lately in 2020s are not coincidental only in my sentiment. It is happier to think that there is a purpose as well as an output, or so I imagine and prefer. 

Cheers to our friendship!



Billy’s Observation:

Ultimately it’s the FRIENDSHIP we all value.