ADDITIONAL ADVICE FROM JAMES LUCE IMPLEMENTING G.I.F.T.( Global Institute for Friendship and Teaching )

Hello Billy,

          Here are my continued thoughts on the future:

  1. You need to recruit a respected educator of children to lead a team that designs lessons in friendship for kids. The person you recruit could be a teacher, an author of children’s books, etc.
  2. Once this task is in being implemented you need to find someone connected officially with child education at a high level…a recently retired Director of Education for California would be a good choice, for example…assuming that person is sympathetic with GIFT’s campaign. That person should prepare a plan for getting the lessons presented to kids…this could be accomplished in several ways…including an online class or lesson books distributed at clubs, churches, etc.
  3. Once these tasks are completed you will have a solid foundation for the next one…getting money from people to provide GIFT with a proper endowment.
  4. If all of the above is just too darn difficult, then just continue posting items on your blog AND continue to search for someone a bit younger than you or I who’s willing and able to take on the task of promoting GIFT

OBT, James Feb. 2020