Billy Lee December 2022 

My good friend, James A Luce, thinks a mile a minute. I usually can’t keep up with him. But he is kind and often slowed down a bit and patiently explained what I was still puzzled about.

I thanked him for WALKING MY PACE WITH ME.

He replied,” WE ARE ALL  WALKING DOWN THE ROAD TOGETHER. The conversation is enlightening at all times.”

I inquired if there is a song already with that name, and if not will he compose one for our <>

James first mentioned that “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” written by Bob Dylan and sang by Willie Nelson was worth remembering. He dashed out the following composition the following day:


Walking Down the Road Together

By j. luce Inspired by Billy Lee

(Sung to the tune of Roundup Lullaby, my favorite childhood song)

(links to the history, the score, and the melody)

Walk’n down the road of life all by yourself

Ain’t my kinda way to get around.

What’cha need is folks who sorta dream like you

Who help ya let your troubles settle down.

Slow down, so love don’t fly away

There’s time enough for talk’n, just forget about that squawk’n

Yes folks, we all can get along,

it must be true ‘cause it works for me and you

Nothin’ miss’n in your life but more good friends.

Nothin’ that you need is in a store.

What the world is miss’n is within your heart,

Share’n what you got’s a real good start.

Yes folks, we all can get along,

So get walk’n down that road with your companions.



Billy’s Comments:  Luce and I got acquainted when we both joined The 1990 Institute thirty-two years ago. He is kind by always WALKING MY PACE WITH ME.