By Billy Lee – July 2022

Be Nice Me,  for I really like to be Your Friend.

Be Nice Me,  for you surely want me to Be Nice You.

Teachers teach us to Be Nice to Each Other, to Everyone, even Those who aren’t nice

I will Be Nice You, for  I really like to be Your Friend.

Don’t hurt me, for it hurts when you take my toys and sometimes break them.

It really hurts when you ignore me or tell me that I’m no good.

It takes away all Trust when you tell others lies about me.

Please don’t force me to dislike someone else who actually has been nice to me.

Be Nice Me for we can share Joy & Fun.

Be Nice Me,  for we can build sandcastles together, and we can paint together and give our best drawings to please our grandmothers or Nai Nais.

Cheers !  Let’s All Just Be Nice.