Ancient Chinese Quotes on Friendship :


与其得小人,不如交愚人。 作者:(宋) 司马光

Author:  Sima Guang (Song Dynasty)

Better befriend a Fool than a “Small Immoral Person”.

君子不镜于水,而镜于人。镜于水,见而之容;  镜于人   则知凶与吉.   作者: 墨翟 

“Gentleman” does not look at water, but looks at people.

Look at water, he sees what’s there; look at people, he sees evil and good.

Author: Mo Di

以权利合者,权尽而交疏。 作者:(汉) 司马迁

Befriending purely to gain power and advantage eventually brings conflict and confusion.  Author: Sima Qian ( Han Dynasty)          

宴笑友朋多,患难知交寡。 作者:(清) 蒲松龄

大凡敦厚忠信,能攻吾过者,益友也; 其诌媚轻薄,傲慢亵狎,导人为恶者, 损友也。   作者: 朱熹  

Many friends laugh and have fun together. Only crisis reveals true Friendship.   Author: (Qing) Pu Songling

Those who are honest, loyal, and can point out my faults are Good Friends, indeed.  Those who are flattering and frivolous, arrogant and obscene, leading others to do evil, are in fact Harmful Friends. Author: Zhu Xi

宴笑友朋多,患难知交寡。 作者:(清) 蒲松龄

Many friends laugh and have fun together. Only crisis reveals true Friendship.   Author: (Qing) Pu Songling

当路谁相假,知音世所稀。 作者:(唐) 孟浩然  

Who is there to help promote me along the way? Very few people truly understand me.   Author: (Tang) Meng Haoran

文士满华堂,不如一直友。  作者: 吴喜纪

Many scholarly exchangers not equivalent to one straight forward friend.   Author: Wu Xiji

朋友,以义合者。 作者: 朱熹

黄金万两容易得 知心一个也难求《红楼梦》

Friends, brought together via righteousness.                Author: Zhu Xi

Large quantity of Gold is easier to acquire. Finding only one Truly Understanding Friend is difficult,  From: “Dream of the Red Chamber”

君子居人间则治,小人居人间则乱。君子欲和人,譬犹水火不相能然也,而 鼎在其间,水火不乱,乃和百味

是以君子不可不慎择人在其间。  作者: 刘向            

The “Gentleman” brings order to the world, while the “Little One” lives in chaos.

The “Gentleman” seeks harmony with people even when water and fire are not compatible, In this tripod, water and fire are not chaotic, but are in harmony under all conditions. The “Gentleman” truly can not disregard his responsibility in between.                  Author: Liu Xiang

浅近轻浮莫与交。 作者: 贯休

交得其道,千里同好,固于胶漆,坚于金石。                                 作者: 谯周

Don’t make friends with the frivolous.   Author: Guan Xiu

True Bonding, a thousand miles apart, firm as enduring paint, solid as gold and stone.              Author: Qiao Zhou

世事短如春梦,人情薄似秋云。作者:(明) 郑之珍

World events short like spring dreams. Human affections thin like an autumn cloud.          Author: (Ming) Zheng Zhizhen

人之相知,贵在知心  作者: 李陵

志合者,不以山海为远;  道乖者,不以咫尺为近          作者: 葛洪

To really know each other, key is in knowing each other’s heart .      Author: Li Ling

People who value Friendship and Bonding do not allow mountains and seas become obstructive distance ; those who are wise, do not take proximity for granted.   Author: Ge Hong

近朱者赤,近墨者黑。 作者: 傅玄

Stay close to Red (or Good) one becomes Red . Stay close to Black (or Bad) one becomes Black.       Author: Fu Xuan

势利之交,难以经远。 作者:(三国) 诸葛亮

士有妒友,则贤交不亲,君有妨臣,则贤臣不至。    作者:荀况                                                                            

If a scholar has questionable friends, the virtuous ones will not come near. If the monarch has unworthy ministers, the virtuous ones will hesitate to join them. ”               Author: Xun Kuang

Friendship based on power and personal benefits can not last long.                                                         Author: (Three Kingdoms) Zhuge Liang